Back to school!!

Back to school!! Yayyyy it has been a very long time for home schooling. We are also parents who have experienced the challenge of studying from home, Well now it has come to the end.

Expecting the kids to fully understand the lockdown can be hard. They miss their friends and teachers also the environment has changed from classrooms to in their own home. Playing at the playground became Webex-date.

Now it time for us to prepare our kids to go back but in a cautious way.

Returning face to face study can be super exciting also can be daunting for parents in terms of health and hygiene. The small change but consistent can help. Remind our young ones to keep their hands clean. Guide and provide them with the essential gear.

You can play a big part and be a role model

for your kids. Then the lollies can be added

as a reward.

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