Father’s Day

Father’s Day has always meant so much, but it maybe in a different platform in 2020 especially for us in VIC

Some of you may live with one, some lost and some can not (yet) visit.

One thing we need to remember is LOVE can be shown and expressed in many ways.

Thinking back to when we were a baby or toddler that we were unable to speak the words

“I miss you“ or “I love you“ Instead, we would pull a face, we did crazy poses and our dad captured those moments with their smiles.

This new challenge of the global pandemic interrupts our social being as a human, but we should not stop just because the situation pause us.

Loving and caring to our fathers can be in the form of sending a bunch of flowers, phone call or some food and drink delivery to their door.

This is also supporting your local business which is someone’s fathers too.

Reaching out to your dad, grand dad, great grand dad tell them how much you love them. Go through your old photos for some inspiration. Captivate those moments and celebrate the unconditional love with them.


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