Pleated Face Mask

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

People say, Do what you love, love what you do.

We have never thought that we would love making face masks until late Feb 2020.

By now everyone in this entire world are familiar with Covid-19 and personal protection.

We came across making face masks for our personal use because of our fear of the virus, also with our curiosity of how to bring fabric face masks to match with our own wardrobe.

We bring our passion of colours, patterns towards our products and we can not be more happier to be able to produce a fun and fashionable yet practical face mask to many of you.

We are focusing on what are essentials to our daily routine, get up and going to work both by driving or taking public transport, involved in many activities in public then come home. All those activities require “surfaces you touch”. We found that hand sanitizer is also a must. We selected sanitizer spray to be part of our business because we can see that together with our face masks it ticks all of the boxes on where and how we can protect ourselves by creating good hygiene into our daily behavior.

Stay happy, Stay safe



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